03 March 2013

Add version control to desktop publishing apps

As many as ten different editors at Himalayan Academy Publications may need to read and write files of each of their books and international magazine. They  use Adobe's Indesign for their graphical publications. They used to use Adobe's Version Cue but vendor support was going to cease. Soon they would be left with no version control system. I'll let Brahmanathaswami continue the story.

"I wanted to create a fool proof app that anyone with no training could use, which required virtually no maintenance, and which did not have all the unnecessary bells and whistles that our editors complained they never used and only made life complicated. Using LiveCode's ability to leverage the shell and its fabulous file management tools I created a lean revision control system that simply copies and renames files from the main server on our network to the local version control folders. In two years since we set this up we have never had a single file corruption or loss of data and the overhead in management is virtually zero. Livecode makes this possible."

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