27 March 2013

Help a non-programmer create a kiosk app

Roger Eller told me the story of how, with the assistance of LiveCode, he helped a colleague who had no programming experience create a touch screen kiosk application. I'll let Roger relate the story.

"In 2001, I assisted a colleague who had only an idea. We set out to make a prototype of his idea for a touch-screen based kiosk for tracking printing plate materials. My friend had zero programming background, but was able to design his interface (from his idea) using an early version of LiveCode. Then we sat down and scripted the buttons and choices to make it functional."

"When the idea was proven (around 2002 I think), he built the final version mostly by himself, with some scripting advice from myself. We found a touch-screen monitor with Windows drivers, and delivered a touch screen kiosk system that is still in use today (12 years later). Go LiveCode!!!!"

Note: Some parts of the screenshot have been obscured on purpose to protect sensitive data.

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