14 February 2013

Build a 'Vox Pop' Kiosk

Cogapp (www.cogapp.com) built a Vox Pop kiosk for the Tate Modern.

I'll let them elaborate:

"Combining online and video technologies with the rise of social media and the popularity of contemporary art, this project enabled visitors to "Sunflower Seeds", Ai Weiwei’s exhibition at Tate Modern in London, to engage in a global dialogue about the work.

A series of video booths installed in the Turbine Hall at Tate Modern allowed visitors to record questions and comments for the artist, or send a video answer to one of the artist’s pre-recorded questions.

The software on the booths, presenting a dynamic and engaging interface in English and Chinese, and recording the video clips of visitors, was created in LiveCode.  Without LiveCode, we doubt if we could have created it with the same quality and in the limited time available."

Read what the Tate had to say.

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