17 February 2013

Keep up-to-date with the weather

Jacqueline Landman Gay wanted to know get continuous updates on the weather so she wrote a LiveCode app that she could leave running on her desktop. The app lets her set the maps she wants to see and the time between updates.

Jacqueline continues "I wrote this before you could get internet weather everywhere you went. I remember leaving it running during a terrible thunderstorm one time, updating every five minutes and watching the deluge roll in."


  1. Is there a way to see the source code to see how it works and learn from it?

    1. I will ask the author if the source can be made publicly available.

  2. Jacque Landman Gay, the author, has kindly provided me with a copy of the code. If you send me your email address, I'll forward a copy to you.

    My email details are at the bottom of the right hand column of the blog.