18 February 2013

Help people decide how to invest social funds

Dave Kilroy was asked to create something that would help people decide how money should be invested in a local area, the choices were to invest funds in:

  • Personal Loans (loans to local residents)
  • Business Lending (loans to local commercial businesses)
  • Civil Society Lending (social enterprises, community businesses etc)
There was data on how lending to each of these groups might affect an area, but it was complex and hard to understand. His client needed a tool to help local people understand the policy implications of funding choices on their communities, and as a result make the best decision for their area.

The tool was created incrementally whilst liaising with community development and investment experts and the finished tool was used in communities lucky enough to receive National Lottery funding throughout the UK.

The first screen shows how a simple 'dynamic' pie chart (which users can drag to change the size of 'slices' in the pie) can be used to give the user control over three inter-related variables.

The second screenshot shows the results of the choices made in the first screen in a series of charts each showing some aspect.

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