26 June 2013

Help People Keep Safe at Sea

Adam Hyde is a volunteer member of Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (RCM-SAR), a non-profit organisation providing marine search and rescue off the coasts of British Columbia, Canada. He had the idea for an App that would help distressed amateur sailors to know what to do in most emergency situations. He didn't have any programming experience and couldn't afford to get somebody else to write the App.

He couldn't realise his dream until he came across LiveCode. I'll let Adam tell the rest of the story:

"The App was approved first time by Apple thanks to LiveCode. Even more amazing was that I essentially had a working first version in less than two months, working part-time with no prior programming experience. I spent the next three months dealing with legal and content issues which held up the release. During that time I just kept improving things."

"We truly believe that our App will help save lives.  All the information is there for a distressed boater to know what to do in most emergency situations and have that information right on the phone they have in their pocket."

Take a look at Adam's App.

02 June 2013

Code an App store accepted game in a week

Dave Probert wrote a complete iPad game (from idea to App store submission) in just a week using Livecode.  The actual approval process took longer than the time it took to write the code!

The game is HexThello - a 2 player boardgame based on the 'Reversi/Othello' type of rules, but using a hexagonal grid instead of the usual squares.  This gives it an added extra two directions of action and requires a little more thought during play.  The game has three modes: two player, one player, and even no player - the program plays itself.

Dave explained "LiveCode provides a medium that was quick to produce a prototype of the game, and then to enhance and develop the final working product in just a few days.  The cleaning up and testing was another couple of days.  For the most part it was quite a painless process.  For anyone out there who is looking at creating a 2D game and wants a lot of control over the precise action, then Livecode is a good solution."

It's in the AppStore.