13 January 2021

Echidna Conservation Science Initiative - EchidnaCSI

Alan Stenhouse created an IOS and Android app to help research Echidnas populations.

Echidnas are iconic native Australian animals. But we know very little about their wild populations as they are extremely hard to find. We want to learn more about echidnas - where they are, what they are doing, if they are healthy – so we can work towards their conservation.

How can you help?
Many of you (in Australia) have seen wild echidnas (sometimes even in your own backyard!) and taken photos or videos of them. The next time you spot an echidna take a photo of it using our app! And we can start filling in the knowledge gaps about our beautiful echidnas.

This project has been running since 2017 and has collected over 10000 observations so far, along with physical specimens from all around Australia that are leading to fascinating insights on echidna microbiomes.

12 January 2021

Gluggy - A Window Cleaning Round Manager

Gluggy is a Window Cleaning Round Manager app for iOS featuring a Dashboard, Job Manager, Collections Manager, Customer Manager, User  preferences, System Reports and on device Backup & Restore Tools. The app is standalone and only requires mobile data for sending text messages or emails, so will run on newer iPods as well as iPhones. All data is stored on the device making it truly portable. 

The dashboard automatically updates with a view of Today’s Jobs, Overdue Jobs and Money Owing. Tapping one of these indicators takes you directly to a more detailed view. 

Earnings Today provides a graphic representation of today’s work showing a gauge of the jobs completed and jobs skipped with the monetary values for both shown in the centre of the gauge. 

The Job Manager provides the ability to create new jobs, edit existing jobs and complete jobs. When a job is completed you can mark it as done, skipped, paid or unpaid with the tap of a button. 

The Collections Manager lists all jobs that you haven’t received payment for and enables you to receive a payment or send reminder messages at the tap of a button.

The Customer Manager provides tools for managing customers, their jobs and job history. Individual jobs can be edited, added or deleted as can customer records. 

The app makes use of several transitions effects when moving from one screen to another. For example tapping an icon on the bottom navigation bar simply jumps to the required screen. Tapping an entry in a list will  slide in the required form from the right etc.  Careful attention was paid to how ‘Apple’ apps transition between various screens to make the app look and feel native to iOS. 

Along with identifying appropriate transition modes, I spent quite some time researching iOS screen layout to understand Apples approach to App layout and effective screen usage. Hopefully the result is that Gluggy is intuitive to use, easy to navigate, provides a good level of functionality and also ‘feels’ right. 

Why the name Gluggy? Well, you need a unique app name when submitting your app to the App Store. Single word app names are, in my opinion, better that long descriptive app names because they are more memorable, and Gluggy is short, easy to remember and spell. However, that’s not why it’s called Gluggy. 

Because the app was designed initially for window cleaners I researched the word ‘window’ in several languages and found Gluggi is Icelandic for window. I modified it from Gluggi to Gluggy so that it wouldn’t be misspelled by my English speaking target audience and hey presto a product name was born. 

Why did I make an app for Window Cleaners? Well I have several friends who are window cleaners and a few mentioned that there wasn’t a good app available. There are apps out there but the majority are pay monthly. I decided to take the plunge and build an app that did what they wanted how they wanted it. The result is Gluggy. 

Alan Green - creator of Gluggy

Gluggy on the Apple App Store

11 January 2021

EcrireEnPictos to practice french spoken and written

We developped EcrireEnPictos for people with special needs who meets difficulties to learn reading and writing. We need some features and a lot of preferences to adapt the exercices to the capacities of users.

WriteEnPictos uses a free library of pictograms and offers tools to explore, enrich, produce sentences and play with words, sounds and images. Although it uses pictograms, it is not reserved for specialized teaching and is useful for novice readers.

WriteEnPictos is open. The index of the collection allows to have several titles for the same pictogram and several pictograms for the same title.

An editor allows you to modify the list of titles for a pictogram, to create a new one from an image and to delete it. A register of registrants keeps the contents and their treatment modalities for each of them in the activities.

website https://alternatic.ch/ecrireenpictos/#more-8