11 January 2021

EcrireEnPictos to practice french spoken and written

We developped EcrireEnPictos for people with special needs who meets difficulties to learn reading and writing. We need some features and a lot of preferences to adapt the exercices to the capacities of users.

WriteEnPictos uses a free library of pictograms and offers tools to explore, enrich, produce sentences and play with words, sounds and images. Although it uses pictograms, it is not reserved for specialized teaching and is useful for novice readers.

WriteEnPictos is open. The index of the collection allows to have several titles for the same pictogram and several pictograms for the same title.

An editor allows you to modify the list of titles for a pictogram, to create a new one from an image and to delete it. A register of registrants keeps the contents and their treatment modalities for each of them in the activities.

website https://alternatic.ch/ecrireenpictos/#more-8

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