13 August 2021

Calendar Events - Dynamic and Responsive web calendar

Scott Morrow needed a responsive web calendar. He used LiveCode server to build the calendar and an additional LiveCode desktop application to create and post the event data. (MIT License)

Find out more, and download Calendar Events here


CoreLab - Run a multi-centre medical trial

Created with LiveCode and supported by LiveCloud (https://livecloud.io) as a back end database, CoreLab was created to fulfil essential functions required for a multi-centre medical research trial.

This app allows us to keep track of all studies received by the core lab, the centres participating in the study with basic CRM, allows admins to administer the the cardiac imaging received and users to analyse these studies with ease. Using LiveCloud as a backend data store, the data is accessible from any location on any mac/pc and all data is synchronised withe cloud. Using LiveCode’s geometry manager the interface can cater for a wide variety of machines/screen resolutions with ease. LiveCloud facilitates secure login with secure ‘forgot password’ and ‘change password’ features. Broadly speaking the app is split into 4 interfaces: Admin interface (admin access only) - Administer all users - Administer all studies - Adding a study assigns a randomised ID for each stage - Keep track of all centre data with build in facility to email the designated contacts - Keep track which subjects have missing studies, incomplete or complete analyses with a simple color code in a data grid and quick filters for each. - Allocate studies to users, which keeping tally of how many studies are allocated to each reader - Designate studies for inter-observer analysis to be analysed by all readers

User interface (admin and user access) - Shows each user what studies are allocated for analysis - Easily filter ‘complete’, ‘in progress’ and ‘not started’ analyses, or search for a particular randomised ID Analysis interface (admin and user access) - Facilitate easy and standardised data entry (using point-and-click as much as possible) to track 35 variables to be filled in by each reader as quickly and easily as possible.

 - For example representing graphically a region of the heart and allocating a score, instead of filling in a digit between 1 and 4 for each of the 16 segments of the left ventricle.

Database interface (admin access only) - Import data and allocate randomised IDs as needed - Edit data in a tabular format and sync with cloud - Export data to TSV file or copy to TSV - Reset analyses or entire database CoreLab greatly simplifies and streamlines a number of tasks performed by the many people involved with this study and could be rapidly developed with LiveCode.

Stam Kapetanakis

VISA Screen - (Visual Impairment Screening)

 A screening tool to aid in the detection of visual problems.

The Vision Impairment Screening Assessment (VISA) screening tool is intended to aid detection for visual problems outside ophthalmic clinics and practices. It is intended to aid screening and identification of visual problems after which the referral form should be used to refer the individual to formal eye care services for full investigation and diagnosis of the visual issue. VISA contains the following sections:

- Patient history

- Visual acuity

- Ocular alignment and movement

- Kinetic visual field test

- Visual inattention

Phil Jimmieson

VISA Screen can be found on the Apple Store


Poetry Explorer - Get inside a poem or piece of prose

Poetry Explorer is for anyone interested in getting inside a poem or prose excerpt, and seeing interactively how it works — rather than leaving it as a dead two-dimensional thing, flat on the page, like a set-text.

We also hope it may be attractive to younger people who like apps but don’t think they like reading on the page. Or to people who, naturally enough, are skeptical about ‘poetry’ as if it were a remote, difficult and specialist arty thing.

There is a split-screen option so two people can do it together – two friends, parent and child, teacher and student. Or just you making two different attempts that you wish to compare. In addition, there's a "fridge poetry" mode, where you can make changes to a poem by dragging words around.

Phil Jimmieson

Poetry Explorer can be found on the Apple Store