Editors' Guide

Editors' Guide


The main purpose of "1001 things to do with LiveCode" is to demonstrate the range of possible uses of LiveCode. It is mainly aimed at people who have no, or little, knowledge of programming. It is probably also of interest to programmers who have no knowledge of LiveCode.

This is summarised in the blog's sub-title:

"Get ideas of what you could do with LiveCode by seeing what others have done."

The blog is not a showroom for people selling apps and tools built with LiveCode. 

(Note: If an entry is sold by the author, it is acceptable to include a link to either the apps' website or relevant app stores.)


All entries should be complete programs that are used by somebody.

LiveCode libraries, plug-ins and development tools are not appropriate subject matter.


The entries should be short and succinct and interesting. They should include two, three or four screenshots.

The first paragraph should introduce the person who wrote the app and their reason/need for writing it.

A second, and possibly third, paragraph should briefly describe the app.

The final paragraph can include quotes from the author about the app.

All text should be Verdana.

Paragraphs should be justified.

Entries should be labelled.

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