19 November 2014

14 November 2014

Report Personal Accidents

Have you ever had a personal accident at a company site (workplace, shop, training unit), not completed an accident record before your left the premises and wish you had when you got home? David Morgan used LiveCode to build an app that let's you make the report once you get home. It's called Accident Book.

You enter the details, sign the report and it then gets emailed to the company.

David said "133 workers and 70 members of the public were killed in UK workplace-related accidents last year. There is talk of fining companies in the UK £20m per workplace death. Yet even some of the largest companies fail to train staff in Health & Safety or use up-to-date data-protection compliant accident books. I thought a free Android app accident book following the latest HSE guidance would be useful to society."

"So I built a very quick, free accident book for business using LiveCode. I found a lot of the code solutions on the LiveCode Forum and Websites. I simply joined the ideas together."

"It's not perfect but it took about 2 weeks altogether. Most of the time was spent re-working ideas and trying to work with a scrolling app on Windows at 0.25 scale."

You can find it in Google Play Store.

09 November 2014

Team Organisation and Time Tracking

Roberto Trevisan of TD Software used LiveCode to help his small business customers organise and track how their employees time was spent in a cost effective manner. He built TCal, a time tracking calendar, that records events, deadlines and working hours on companies' own management databases. It works with a company's existing database which could be running in FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access or MySQL.

The Tcal client allows employees to manage their events and times through a graphical calendar interface.

The TcalServer manages company shared calendars and interfaces to the company's own management database.

Tcal not only runs on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX, it is also available in both Italian and English. It is a testimony to both Roberto's development skills and the breadth and flexibility of LiveCode.