08 July 2013

Develop an interactive electronic textbook

Devin Asay has been teaching introductory programming to college students using LiveCode for over ten years. There was no textbook available, and he felt that static web pages were ineffective, so he created an interactive "electronic textbook", in LiveCode of course, for his students that teaches the fundamentals of programming and the LiveCode environment. It features interactive examples in each lesson, self-scoring quizzes to check comprehension, downloadable example stacks, an assignment download and upload feature, user progress tracking, and more. Students love this innovative learning tool, and teachers love the way it helps them give feedback and track students' progress.

05 July 2013

Convert MediaWiki XML to HTML

Pascal Lehner wrote an App to convert MediaWiki XML to HTML. It translates the XML exported from MediaWiki to single externally available HTML pages. These HTML pages can then be easily displayed on a website.

Pascal modestly told me "Even though I am a new developer, it took me just a few days to write and debug it."

Note: Whilst the UI is in German, the code is commented in English.