13 August 2021

Poetry Explorer - Get inside a poem or piece of prose

Poetry Explorer is for anyone interested in getting inside a poem or prose excerpt, and seeing interactively how it works — rather than leaving it as a dead two-dimensional thing, flat on the page, like a set-text.

We also hope it may be attractive to younger people who like apps but don’t think they like reading on the page. Or to people who, naturally enough, are skeptical about ‘poetry’ as if it were a remote, difficult and specialist arty thing.

There is a split-screen option so two people can do it together – two friends, parent and child, teacher and student. Or just you making two different attempts that you wish to compare. In addition, there's a "fridge poetry" mode, where you can make changes to a poem by dragging words around.

Phil Jimmieson

Poetry Explorer can be found on the Apple Store


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