01 April 2016

Capture Those Precious Memories

Alan Stenhouse used LiveCode to quickly build an app that allowed him to capture some precious memories with his father. I'll let Alan tell the story.

"One day when I was going through some old photos with my father, I was getting him to tell me something about them - who was there, where it was, when etc. I realised that I needed to record this easily and store it with the photo. Initially I just thought I wanted to take notes about each photo, but realised it would be great to record his voice recollections as well. Anyway, that afternoon + evening I made the first cut of an app which worked out quite well and I used it the next day successfully with my Dad."

In the screenshot you can see the the main palette window showing the image list with various controls at the top and a text area for taking notes at the bottom. Beside it is the image viewing window. 

The app also allows you to play back the images in a slideshow, automatically playing the spoken memories and displaying any written notes. 

Alan has created an iPad version of the app. He's called it Re-Collections

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